Monday, 18 February 2013

you will be a blessing

I love stumbling across interesting and beautiful Street Art.
I found these walls in William Street, Woodstock, on my way to get gas last week.
The wall with the large mural is tagged with the name Freddy Sam. I am unsure who the other work is by.
I loved the Origami Cranes of course :)


* * *
P.S. I originally made this blog post on the 18th Feb, and today, 23rd May, I am adding to this post.
A friend has just sent me the following picture of some street art that she saw on Facebook.
It made her think of me. Why? Because on it are the words "Make Believe".
!!! I can't Believe that I did a blog post on this, I took the photos etc, and I didn't even TWIG that it said Make Believe !!!
I was more preoccupied by the origami cranes. (I make origami goodies to sell you see)
So there, again, we have that 'synchronicity, serendipity, coincidence' thing that i love so much.
Thanks Jojo! :) xxx
Oh, and while we are about it, I should add that the artist responsible for the origami cranes could well be Faith47, and the wiry dog/wolf on the wall on the left is by her hubby, Dal East. I love both their work.





  1. such raw beauty!
    I think "you will be a blessing" is the work of an artist called Grace. Many a dull wall has been reclaimed to inspire, with simple clear font, by Grace.

  2. Hi Ruth. Thanks for that. Do you perhaps mean Faith47? I LOVE her work! The "you will be a blessing" could very well be by her. And the wiry dog/wolf on the wall on the left could possibly be by Dal East. Love his work to. xxW