Thursday, 7 February 2013

ASTAR Art Course

I love to Believe that synchronicity and coincidences are a sign that you're on the right track.
I'd heard about the ASTAR (Awakening Spirit Through Art) art classes through a friend but at the time was not in a position to do a course. Six months later, in December a friend of my sister came to buy one of my Origami Nightingale Mobiles which she wanted to give as a gift to her Art Teacher. It turned out that she is doing ASTAR Art classes.
This term a space became available in her class and she asked if I'd be interested to join. I had just been paid for a large order of Bird Strings that I'd made before Christmas, so I eagerly paid my deposit to secure my place.
I then started questioning... had I signed up for the right course?... will I be spending my money wisely?... was this course for me?...

I wanted to share some info about the course with another friend but the website link, for some reason, was not working that day. Frustrated, I did a search to see if there was maybe a Facebook page. This is what I found ... - Note the cover photo :) (two pebbles, one with the word "Believe" and the other with the word "Make"...)

The cover photo on the ASTAR Facebook page that I came across was of two pebbles,
one with the word "Believe" and the other with the word "Make"
I just had to smile. This was the affirmation that I'd needed. A message from the Universe, don't you think?

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