Monday, 10 June 2013

Daddy's Little Angels

A couple of years ago I did a sweet little photo shoot with my 3 children. Our twin girls were 6 months old at the time and our son was 3 and a bit. I wanted to make a card for their daddy's birthday.

It will be Father's Day here in South Africa on Sunday 16th of June, so I thought today would be a good time to share this with you.

I bought a pair of Angel Wings, made of cardboard and feathers, from a toyshop that also sold fancy-dress bit and bobs. I lay the wings down on my bed and put one of the girls on top to see if my idea would work. I wanted to photograph them to look like little angels.

I decided that a black background would work well but didn't have any black fabric handy. I ended up using our dark blue denim play mat and lay it down on the floor near to a window so that I could make use of the natural light.

I took lots of photos of the girls lying on the angel wings gurgling away with arms and legs flailing in all directions. They were being adorably cute.

My 3 and a bit year old son was not in his most cooperative mood and I only managed to get 3 photos of him before he rolled away, but they were cute enough.
Once I had chosen a few of the best shots, I opened them in Photoshop where I converted them to greyscale. I adjusted the levels and tweaked the brightness and contrast. I was then able to paint out the background and make it a solid black.

I chose two photos of each child for the final card. I added some text which read "Daddy's Little Angels" in red. (I was very tempted to put two little red horns and a tail on our little boy :) but didn't want to upset him)
Daddy was pleased with his Birthday card.
(I also made a version that read "Little Angels" which we used for our family Christmas Card a week later.)

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  1. I did some like this of Frieda for her first Christmas (also 6 months old) - not nearly as stylish as yours though. Those wings!