Monday, 11 August 2014

The Colour VIOLET

In the Colour Energy Course that I attended last year, we did an in-depth exploration into each spectral colour. Each week we focused on a particular colour and it's associated energy Chakra. We explored the colour's energy through senses, meditation and painting using only the tones and hues of that colour.
For each class we were asked to dress in the colour we were exploring that week. A still life, made up of various objects in the colour was set up in the studio. Little bottles of essential oils associated with that Chakra and colour were set out on a tray for us to smell. Even the food and drink that we had during our tea break was in the colour we were exploring.

The Colour VIOLET

The session where we explored the colours Blue and Indigo made me cry.
This session, exploring the colour Violet, made me laugh out loud! :)

The Crown Chakra (Sahasrara), situated at the top of the head, is the seventh energy centre in the chakra system. It is associated with the colour Violet and is often pictured as a lotus flower with a thousand petals. The crown chakra connects us with the universe and the Divine source of creation.

Purple and violet are not my favourite colours, but I did find the still life that was set up in the studio very pretty. The colour purple is often associated with royalty and nobility and can create an impression of luxury, wealth and extravagance.

We took time to soak up the colours, shades and tones of violet and purple and smelled essential oils like lavender, jasmine, frankincense and rose geranium.
The still life that was set up in the studio.
During the meditation we were asked to draw a circle, using one finger, on the very top of our head. Slowly, moving our finger round and round, we visualised creating an opening that wold allow a beam of light to shine upwards and connect us with the 'source', to our 'creator'.
After the meditation we used the six shades of violet paint that we had mixed earlier and painted freely onto our canvas page.  Painting round and round, I made a number of swirling brushstrokes, followed by some splashing of water and stamping of wooden printing blocks to add some texture onto the page.
Splashes of water and wooden printing blocks were used to add texture.
When we stopped for tea, I saw something in my picture that made me laugh. It seemed a bit silly at first, but I decided that after tea I would add to the painting and help 'bring out' what I could see.
And here he is... my little purple alien :)

Final painting for the colour Violet
Close-up of my little alien :)
The crown chakra.
Connecting us with the universe and the Divine source of creation....
Do you think they speak Huttese?

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