Thursday, 29 August 2013

Boat Floating kiddies party

A friend's son was turning 4 and she asked if I would make some Origami Boats that the kids could float down a little stream where the party picnic was going to take place.

What a fun party idea! And a fun project for me.

It turned out to be a lovely, sunny winter's day. The setting (in Tokai forest) was beautiful.
I set up a small table where I could help parents and their children to make and decorate their own boats. I made a poster with all the folding instructions for parents to follow.
The boats were made from sheets of coated paper that had a plastic feel, which was perfect because the paper didn't absorb water. I used toothpicks and electrical tape in different colours to make the flags, and the boats were named and decorated using permanent waterproof markers.

Making the boats was a lot of fun,
but the MOST fun was had during the much anticipated BOAT RACE!

The kids (and adults) had an absolute ball running backwards and forwards watching their boats floating down the stream. Again, and again, and again....
The boats, I'm pleased to say, were a great success. Even the ones that had capsized or been sunk by a mini waterfall (and rescued by a kind dad with a long stick) had survived and were still in one piece by the end of the party.
Our 3 kids were excited to be taking their boats home and were looking forward to playing with them in the bath... which they ended up not having... because they all fell asleep in the car on the way home, and went straight to bed after a quick wash of their muddy feet :)
Thanks for a really great party. xx
Photographs: courtesy Sally Petersen and a few of my own
Here are some examples of other Origami Boats that I make to sell:
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