Monday, 20 May 2013

Immerse yourself

This artwork was created during one of my process art classes. We used sticky black printing ink and pages from a very old Oxford dictionary.
After paging through a magazine and tearing out one picture that caught our attention, we were ready to begin. The picture I chose was of people in the rain with umbrellas and raincoats.
We used a roller to spread the ink onto a sheet of glass and then made prints by either drawing into the ink and making a print (like my umbrella and raindrops on the far left and far right) or by placing a piece of paper onto the ink and 'drawing' onto the back of the paper. This left an ink impression on the other side. We could also cut out some of our printed pages and use them to collage onto our final work. Some of my classmates stuck rolled up, scrunched up or folded paper onto their work.
When our work was completed, we stuck it up above our desks and took a moment to reflect on what it meant to us. Earlier that day a friend and I had been having a good moan about how tough and draining life with young children is, and that we both felt like we're in 'survival mode'.
To me this picture is about 'weathering the storm'. It made me feel sad. I am missing out on so much by just trying to get through each day. Always busy, busy, busy with so much to be done.
So, this was an important reminder, to stop and smell the roses. Immerse yourself into what is happening here and now. Live in the moment.

I love this quote by Roger Miller...

"Some people walk in the rain. Others just get wet."

Details of my artwork, "Immerse yourself"

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